2019 Feng Shui Monthly Membership


2019 Monthly Membership – Monthly Feng Shui Activations

Just like acupuncture the Monthly Feng Shui Activations keeps your home and office attuned to the energies of the annual vibrant compass directions.

  • Keep Your Space Vibrant to Help You Achieve Your Goals!
  • At least 7 Feng Shui Activations Each Month (depending on how many Favorable Dates in the month)
  • Includes Unfavorable Dates to take caution
  • Feng Shui Activation Online Program
  • How To Do A Feng Shui Activations
    • Discover The 2019 Feng Shui Enhancements

Prerequisite: Annual Feng Shui of Space already complete  

Location:  Online Monthly – Text Reminders of Activations          

Pro-rated until the end of the year: February – December

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