2019 TimeBlazr® 30-Day Membership

$208.00 $94.00

This special TimeBlazr® 1-Month package includes:

  • 1-Month Access to the TimeBlazr® – Powerfully step into 2019 with a strategic plan!  For 1- User.
  • Personalized Month-at-a-Glance* based on Your Business Astrology
  • Personalized Month-at-a-Glance* Common Business Activities
    • Launch Campaigns, Submit Proposals/Negotiate, Sign Contracts, Marketing, Forge Partnerships, Begin a New Job/Client, Account Receivable, Move, Sell Property/Business, No Meetings
  • Daily Details* with Favorable Hour to take action & Unfavorable to take caution
  • Online Self-Guided TimeBlazr® training* & Guidebook* to optimize results
  • Monthly Zoom Group Mastermind – with replay
  • Kathleen personally guides how to best use each month & best times for business activities & Feng Shui activations, Business Astrological best practices.
    • **New this year – Universal Gateway Business Energy Manifestation
    • Q&A pertaining to the program
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