Business Astrology

Business Astrology helps you understand your strengths, clarifies your business role, and removes doubts about your capabilities. 

Our business astrology sessions transcend your natal chart. We help you find your path and develop practical solutions to improve your business with a roadmap and your first step to crafting your own destiny, a flourishing business that leaves you empowered.  

With your questions in mind, you’ll receive personalized strategies with Feng Shui, Favorable Timing with the TimeBlazr®, and Universal Gateway™.

Business Feng Shui

Every space has its own unique Feng Shui blueprint. 

The main purpose of Business Feng Shui is to help you achieve your goals. 

When you properly set up your Feng Shui it helps you harness the power of your space and maximize positive outcomes for your business.

When your space is vibrant, so are the occupants. Feng Shui helps you attract better clientele and create a more collaborative work environment.

Feng Shui up!! It will improve your personal and professional life.

TimeBlazr® Business Management System

Be open to a new way of making decisions and managing your time.  

The TimeBlazr® Business Management System taps the ancient knowledge of Favorable Timing to help you achieve business success. 

Auspicious timing has been around for centuries to help those with the most power to gain more of it. Isn’t it time you started playing with these same empowering tools!

The personalized TimeBlazr® helps you activate your calendar to gain a higher ROI for milestone events like launches, forge partnerships and optimize your schedule.

Universal Gateway™

In antiquity, the Universal Gateway™ [Qi Men Dun Jia in Chinese] was a strategic methodology to help the affluent have the upper hand and gain even more power with its usage. 

Today, you can use Universal Gateway™ to succeed in a competitive business environment. It’s the direct line from the universe to receive answers to your critical questions. 

This methodology can guide you on the outcome and timing of successful funnels and campaigns. Discern whether or not partnerships or acquisitions benefit you and discover insider information on legal cases before a case goes to court.

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