TimeBlazr®: Take the Right Action. At the Right Time. Every Time!

Have you ever lost an important contract because your timing was off?
Or spent countless hours creating an amazing program with little or no ROI?

Our proprietary software and programs, TimeBlazr®, helps you optimize your schedule, so you undertake important activities at the right time to benefit your business.

The TimeBlazr® Business Management System taps the ancient knowledge of Favorable Timing to help you achieve business success. Favorable Timing is a branch of Classical Feng Shui that offers valuable insights into your business practices.

Every business leader knows their success lies in an efficient calendar. Augmenting your calendar with the TimeBlazr® technology immediately positions your business to the top. 

This innovative technology translates ancient wisdom into standard business English, helping you choose the right dates and times for important business activities.

Benefits of Using TimeBlazr®

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