Do you want to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Universal Gateway™ is a methodology that helps you develop the right strategy to acquire superior clients, make informed decisions and craft your destiny.

In antiquity, the Universal Gateway™ [Qi Men Dun Jiain Chinese] was a strategic methodology to help the affluent have the upper hand and gain even more power with its usage. It’s lineage connects with the philosophies of Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”, winning the war without fighting the battle.  

Universal Gateway™ is all about sound strategies and gaining access to higher intelligence. 

Today, you can use Universal Gateway™ to succeed in a competitive business environment. It’s the direct line from the universe to receive answers to your critical questions. 

Like astrology, you were born with an energetic Universal Gateway™ chart, which can help you manifest what you want. Universal Gateway™ also alerts you to challenges before they happen so you can make informed decisions.  

Universal Gateway™ is extremely potent for legal cases and negotiations to determine potential outcomes before they happen, giving you the advantage to know how to prepare, communicate and behave. 

Another application is to take the Universal Gateway™ energy map and superimpose it over a property’s floor plan to add an extra layer of vibrancy over your Feng Shui blueprint. This added vibrancy helps you to recharge your body and space to get the universal answers to your pressing questions and craft your empowered destiny. 

Benefits of Universal Gateway™

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