The Dog – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

Do you have a Dog in your natal chart and want to know what to look forward to in the new year? 

Going into 2021 there’s an interesting shift for the Dog. One of the big shifts is that the dog can bring about some good support and happiness. If this particular animal is looking to gain recognition quicker, or level up their personal or professional skills, I would highly recommend investing in yourself so that you are ready for this energy.

If you have anything to do with your brand, again, this is especially if it’s in the outer part of your chart, which would be the year and month, you could really elevate that brand to the next level. So start now, so that you can reap all of the benefits of 2021.

Want to know what else is in store for you in 2021?

Watch my latest video in the series to learn more about this animal. 


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