The Dragon – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

Want to know what is in store for you if there is a dragon in your natal chart? 

There’s been many people all over the world that have gone through this very tumultuous time. Yet there’s been a lot of opportunity in this disruption. So this is where potentially a dragon had some good potential to move ahead even further than they hadn’t even thought of at the beginning of the year. So continue to look at that, there could have been an increase of financial status for you there. 

Now again, because of the pandemic, this could have shifted a little bit. But there are numbers of people that are really finding opportunity with the disruption, so make yourself one of them. Figure out in the next couple of months how that can work to your advantage. 

You have a very creative mindset, this is where it’s going to help you find some creative solutions to whatever happened for you this year. Did you pivot when you needed to pivot? That’s the thing that we need to remember that this is all fluid, when things change, you pivot along with it to get on the right track as quickly as possible.

For 2021 there is a good energy for you to be making money behind the scenes. You’ll have invisible helpers or guardian angels that like to pay it forward so be on the look out for those individuals.

If you want to learn what else is on the horizon for you in the upcoming year, watch my newest video all about this animal. 


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