The Goat – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

Do you have a GOAT in your natal chart and want to know what to look out for this year?

This year is going to be a big year breaker for you.

Goat is the animal that is the polarity to the year. The Goat is opposite in the zodiac to the Ox. Depending on where the Goat resides in your chart, it could be a year of big change. Minimize the painful side of change by watching for the signs of it. Get in front of change by directing it. Make a plan to improve yourself and create more opportunities in your professional life.

You also have a Big Spender energy. It signifies great loss of money or incurring a large unexpected expense that may overwhelm you when it happens. If this energy is in your chart, plan well in advance for it. Large investments like a new car or house are fulfillments of this energy. Investing in yourself such as education to make yourself more valuable in the workplace is the best thing you can do in 2021.

Do your best to create a strict budget you can stick to. Also, try to pay down as much debt as you can during the Ox year. Don’t carry your credit cards or too much cash that may be burning in your pockets.


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