The Ox – Full 2021 Animal Astrology Forecast

Do you have an OX in your chart and want to know what energies are influencing your chart this year? I recorded an in-depth training on the different energies both favorable and unfavorable. Also how to use them to counteract negative energies. Here’s a preview: Favorable Energies Ingenuity – It’s an inspirational year full of creativity. This energy is great for creatives like graphic designers, artists and writers. It’s also a great year to learn a new creative skill including the art of marketing and social media. Connections – Get ready to network and elevate your status with people of high caliber. Ox energy will help you to make a good first impression to build stronger bonds with key decision- makers and people in your networks. Your connections will help provide new skills, knowledge and resources. To see the remaining energies to be aware of for the OX in your chart, view my latest Youtube video to learn more! Find out if you have an Ox in your chart by downloading your free astrology chart at: Click through to watch the other videos: Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Goat Dog Rooster Rat Pig Monkey Horse

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