The Tiger – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

Do you have a TIGER in your natal chart?

I created an in-depth training on the energies that will affect you this year, both favorable and unfavorable.

Favorable Energies
Advocates. People you already know are willing to help you this year. They may not know you need help. Have the courage to ask and be prepared to heed their advice.

Charisma. You have incredible magnetism that attracts new partnerships and strengthens existing bonds for deeper connections, which in turn can help to expand your networks and net worth.

Unfavorable Energies

Reckless. This energy brings out the risk taker in you, causing you to be reckless. Your daredevil activities can bring uncalled harm or accidents you could have avoided.

Watch your health this year. Many accidents or injuries could be caused by your own irresponsible behavior. Slow it down and be more present to your surroundings.

To know what the remaining energies you need to be aware of, view my latest Youtube video!

Find out if you have a Tiger in your chart by downloading your free astrology chart at:

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