The Monkey – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

This one is for those who have a MONKEY in your natal chart. Here is a preview of what energies to expect for this year.

Favorable Energies…

You will have influence over many and will attract the right teams, advisors and resources. You gain this power and authority by going after it, and your supporters will be happy that you did. Many sincerely want you to be successful and happy. Be the leader you want others to be.

After 2020, this energy brings welcome good change and positive impact! You can finally solve past blockages and problems. If the obstacle is meant to be resolved, you will find the solution.This Dragon Virtue energy opens the pathway to extreme good fortune in the form of prosperity and career luck. Expect helpful people to pave the way for you.

Unfavorable Energies
Fraud. Make sure you back up all your devices and protect yourself from computer viruses and identity theft. Technical issues can cause setbacks, so prepare.

Forgetfulness. This energy provides attentiveness and dedication to your life’s passion. The major drawback is absent-mindedness. Having a great system in place helps you focus.

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