The Horse – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

If you have a HORSE in your chart, be sure to read ahead to know what energies you should be aware of for the year of the metal Ox.

Favorable Energies
You can manifest unseen helpful people or advocates into your life. It may feel like guardian angels are watching over you, or you may receive large orders of your goods or services by buyers you don’t know.

Unfavorable Energies
This is a year for you to make self-care a lifestyle instead of an afterthought. Your poor health could also be amplified by negative mindset and habits. To be at the top of your game, find a good health coach that works holistically with body, mind and spirit.

You could find yourself lonely, moody and wanting to distance yourself from others. The people who will notice and perhaps be most concerned are your loved ones (and you don’t want to be around them, either). You may experience loss of wealth and things not going according to plan.


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