The Snake – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

If you have a SNAKE in your chart, you’ll want to continue reading to know what to look forward to this year.

I created an in-depth training on the energies that will affect you this year, both favorable and unfavorable.

Here are a few things to know…

The Triple Harmony is typically a good combination of three animals in the zodiac that play well together. You must have all three to complete the Triple Harmony. Snake, Rooster and Ox make up a Triple Harmony, which brings more of the Metal element to your chart.

The 5 Structures are the total of all of the 5 Elements in your natal chart and will determine your wealth, power, resources, companions, and creations. Every year, the strength of the 5 Element attributes will influence your natal chart and capacity.

You must have at least one of these animals (Snake, Rooster or Ox) in your chart. The other two can be derived using favorable timing with the TimeBlazr®.

If you want to hear the remaining unfavorable energies and allies you need in your corner to succeed this year, then watch my newest Youtube video.


Find out if you have an Snake in your chart by downloading your free astrology chart at: 

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