The Dragon – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

Do you have a DRAGON in your natal chart? These are the energies you need to be aware of this year. Favorable Energies Moon. The Sun is yang; the Moon is Yin. This is a powerhouse energy if properly activated. Yin energy is not weak and should not only seen as the opposite of Yang’s […]

The Rabbit – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

If you have a RABBIT in your chart, there are a few unfavorable energies that are showing up this year that you should be aware of. Catastrophe. When this energy is activated, watch out for injuries, relationships, health issues and potential wrongful death. Your immune system may be weak, so you may be more apt […]

The Tiger – Full 2021 Animal Sign Forecast Do you have a TIGER in your natal chart? I created an in-depth training on the energies that will affect you this year, both favorable and unfavorable. Favorable EnergiesAdvocates. People you already know are willing to help you this year. They may not know you need help. Have the courage to ask and be […]

The Ox – Full 2021 Animal Astrology Forecast

Do you have an OX in your chart and want to know what energies are influencing your chart this year? I recorded an in-depth training on the different energies both favorable and unfavorable. Also how to use them to counteract negative energies. Here’s a preview: Favorable Energies Ingenuity – It’s an inspirational year full of […]

The Snake – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast Curious to know what is in store for the snake?  This year was all about solving problems. Now, this could be something that has been burdening you for years on end. But if you have a health problem or a relationship problem, it can disempower you. So this is the year to find solutions […]

The Dragon – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast Want to know what is in store for you if there is a dragon in your natal chart?  There’s been many people all over the world that have gone through this very tumultuous time. Yet there’s been a lot of opportunity in this disruption. So this is where potentially a dragon had some good […]

The Rabbit – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast Do you have a Rabbit in your natal chart and want to know what to look forward to in the new year?  The Rabbit has a great capacity to make money behind the scenes. Also, be on the outlook for any potential help that is coming along the way.  In addition, you have a […]

The Tiger – 2021 Animal Sign Forecast

tiger-animal-forecast In 2020, there is a very interesting travel energy, and since you can’t travel due to Covid restrictions in many areas, what you can do instead is really beef up your website and start using this platform as your international marketplace. There might be some work that needs to be done there, so try […]

The Ox – 2021 Animal Astrology Forecast

In 2020, for those with an Ox in their chart, you received a lot of good help throughout the year. Either from people you have asked directly or incidental helpers that come out of nowhere, almost like a guardian angel. If you haven’t received that help so far, there’s also the opportunity for you to […]

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